About Boozy Biddies

We created Boozy Biddies after ten years of drinking wine (and other spirits) with much geeking out about wine, but mostly, enjoying how good drink brings people together.

The core of Boozy Biddies is the podcast: Boozy Biddies Talk Wine, on which we explore wine basics, wine styles, wine regions and more. It’s a great excuse to enjoy a glass while learning a bit more about the grape juice you already love so much.

The website also serves as a fun resource for “normal” people who want to be a bit more knowledgeable about wine. It provides a curated list of wine featured on the Boozy Biddies Talk Wine podcast, and a glossary of wine terms that is more colloquial than technical.

Who We Are

We met at the University of Vermont, where our friend group of ladies was playfully dubbed “The Biddies”. Many rounds of ‘Biddy Cup’ (card game usually accompanied by many bottles of cheap bubbles)  later, we graduated (with a bottle of tequila and a bottle of champagne hidden in our robes at graduation). We went off to do different things in different parts of the country, but we always find an excuse to get together and have a drink.

Calla Bischoff is an east coast kid at heart who has made her way out west where she worked as a wine supplier for seven years. She’s pivoted in the industry, now focusing on selling corks and oak barrels to distilleries around North America, but is physically incapable of staying away from wine even if her sales focus on the harder stuff. She has had the opportunity to work for international wineries in Argentina, New Zealand, and Australia while also spending a good amount of time with domestic wines from California. She spends more time in airports than her apartment for work but still enjoys traveling for pleasure especially if it involves a good wine region to visit.

Kara Ferreira is still an east coast kid – despite being born in California – who grew up drinking Italian wine at home with her Italian family (which, thanks to Ancestry.com, we now know is only about 6% Italian). She also took a course on Italian wine while studying abroad, so naturally this makes her an expert. After many years waiting tables throughout college, in the Berkshires and in New York City, Kara left the service industry, had a career detour through the United Nations, and then turned to website design & development. She owns her own website company and is the co-partner of a small business consultancy, but of course, still loves a glass of good wine. 

Together we’ve created Boozy Biddies Talk Wine, a fun and irreverent exploration of wine for people who love drinking it and want to know just a bit more about it.