The biddies explore American binge drinking around the Thanksgiving and some strategies to not be the drunken Uncle at your family table. PSA, don’t drink and drive. And be nice to your bartenders.


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What is Blackout Wednesday? History & Dangers of Drinksgiving (

Drinksgiving, one of the biggest party nights of the year, is upon us (

Study Notes for Drinksgiving:

*Please note some of these lines might be directly taken from sources noted above.


  • Bar scene on the night before TG
  • 173% increase in shots on the Wednesday before TG compared to 1 week prior
  • 34% increase in alcohol sales
  • West coast sees less of a bump for some reason
  • Also one of the most dangerous years to drive – 2017, 528 people nation wide died that weekend
    • Highest statistics for drunk driving


  • Drunksgiving, Drinksgiving, Blackout Wednesday, Awkward Wednesday
  • Thanksgiving Eve one of the most alcohol-heavy holiday traditions
  • Urban Dictionary – “the day and night before actual thanksgiving where you drink and have fun with your friends because you’ll have to endure family the whole next day”
  • Bar & Club Stats – why its popular?
    • 1) everyone is off work the next day
    • 2) no one wants to entertain with the next day involving so much prep
    • 3) everyone is home  see your friends
  • Appeared several decades ago when American students would come home from college for Thanksgiving and meet up with friends the night before
  • Term itself cae around 2007


  • Encourages and normalizes binge drinking
  • Contributes to problematic drinking habits and addiction
  • Driver safety is at risk
  • Potentially fatal

The Top 5 States with the Highest Alcohol Consumption Rate on Thanksgiving

  1. Illinois at 65%
  2. New York & California (tied) at 46%
  3. Missouri at 44%
  4. Texas at 41%
  5. Ohio at 38%

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the daily recommended number of drinks of alcohol for men is 2 and for women is 1.

Our data tells us that 52.5% of people in the 25-34 age group exceed the recommended daily amount by having 3 or more drinks on Thanksgiving. Following them is people in the 55-64 age group with 51.3% of them drinking 3 or more drinks on Thanksgiving.


  • “The only thing more exciting than the turkey on Thanksgiving is the license you get to drink red wine before noon and spend the day in a questionable state of sobriety.”