Pivoting back to the spirits world, the biddies dive into the gin craze. Briefly touched on in our first gin episode, the gin craze took England by storm in the 1600s. Tariffs on French wine and cognac, combined with relaxed regulation on distilleries, and grain spirit distillation in general, led to PINTS of gin being sold at a lower price than pints of beer. Insanity and some syphilis ensued. Tune in to this mini to learn more.


Episode 41: Sin with Gin


Calla: Bloom Jasmin & Rose Gin with soda

Kara: Bloom London Dry Gin with tonic



The Complete and Slightly Insane History of Gin in England | VinePair

How a Gin Craze Nearly Destroyed 18th-Century London (vice.com)

Image credit: What’s On Stage (apparently there is a gin craze musical)