The biddies love all things woo so of course they had to devote a mini-episode to biodynamic wine. They explore this viticultural practice that prizes the interconnectedness of all things on the vineyard (or farm in broader agriculture) and includes the moon. Certain times of the moon’s cycle are considered better for planting or harvesting, for instance. Tune in to learn more about what’s involved in this steps-further-than-organic winemaking practice.


Calla: thinks her wine was maybe corked so we’re not saying!

Kara: Montinore Estate L’Orange



Study Notes for Health Benefits of Wine:


  • Biodynamics is a concept that everything in the universe is interconnected and gives off a resonance of “vibe”
    • Interconnectivity of everything includes celestial bodies like the moon, planets and stars
    • Holistic view of agriculture that balances the resonance between vine, man, earth and stars
  • Based on the ideas of Austrian philosopher Rudolph Steiner
    • bio’ (life) and ‘dynamis’ energy
  • Run by an independent organization called Demeter
    • Also, Biodyvin (European wineries)
  • Some say it’s the only viticultural technique that showcases the true terroir of a wine
  • The vineyard is one solid organism as this ecosystem functions as a whole, with each portion contributing to the next to make a self-sustaining system
  • Oldest anti-chemical agricultural movement, predating organic farming


  • Occurs primarily in the vineyard before winemaking even happens
  • All tasks such as planting, pruning, harvesting, etc are regulated by a special biodynamic calendar
  • Calendar was created by the “high priestess of Biodynamics” – Maria Thun
    • Divided the calendar into four categories: Root, Fruit, Flower, Leaf Days which coincide with the classical elements of Earth, Fire, Air, Water
    • FRUIT DAYS – best days for harvesting rapes
    • ROOT DAYS – ideal days for pruning
    • FLOWER DAYS – leave the vineyard alone on these days
    • LEAF DAYS – ideal for watering
  • No chemicals or manufactured additions are allowed in biodynamic wine (even commercial yeast)
  • COMPOSTING IN COW HORNS? Special compost preparations are stuffed into cow horns and buried in the soil to later be dug up and the stuffing is distributed through the vineyard
    • WHY? Historical precedence shows that animal horns are a symbol of abundance
    • Compost includes manure, yarrow blossoms, chamomile, and stinging nettles

Apparently you should save wine drinking for flower and fruit days

  • Root days are when the moon is any of the Earth Signs (Cap, Taurus, Virgo)
  • Flower days are when the moon is any of the Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
  • Leaf days are when the moon is in Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
  • Fruit days are when the moon is in Fire Signs (Aires, Leo, Sagittarius)

(only cut your hair on the full moon)


  • Bonny Doon
  • Benzinger
  • Bonterra
  • Michel Chapoutier
  • Nicolas Joly
  • Domaine LeRoy
  • Cristal Champagne
  • Domaine Zind-Humbrecht


  • L’Orange is crafted with Pinot Gris which is soaked on skins before gently pressing, imparting a stunning coral hue to the wine. Estate-grown Muscat Ottonel is blended in creating a unique and mouthwatering wine.
  • Oregon
  • Demeter certified
  • Established in 1982, Montinore Estate is the largest producer of certified estate wines made from Biodynamic® grapes in the country. With our 200-acre Demeter Certified Biodynamic® and Stellar Certified Organic vineyard located in north Willamette Valley in Oregon, we focus on producing superior Pinot Noirs, cool climate whites, and fascinating Italian varietals.